Area 27

A new track is upon us western Canada. We could not be more excited to get wind of Area 27, Oliver BC’s new racing track. Not only does it look phenomenal with luxurious amenities for its members, and 227 acres of track in beautiful British Columbia but Jacques Villeneuve, racing champion also helped design it. “Jacques has brought a lifetime of knowledge, passion and commitment to the design of the circuit at Area 27. The next chapter in the Villeneuve Legacy, written in asphalt, can be yours to discover…”


The track will come at a hefty price though, in order to gain access you must become an Area 27 member, which will set you back around $45,000 for the initial fee, and then a following $3000-$4000 a year depending on if you want Phase 1 or 2 But worried is the last thing we would be, as one of Calgary’s few exotic car dealerships we see this as a great opportunity for our customers, and ourselves to get out and gain exposure and meet enthusiasts alike in Oliver BC. We hope to see you there!


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by TJ