Bigger, badder Aventador Lamborghini Centenario

Lamborghini unveiled its newest limited edition model this year at the Geneva auto show and it is as astounding as it sounds.

Lamborghini never ceases to impress, and they absolutely demonstrated that with the Centenario. Not only is it extremely visually pleasing, but it is also equipped with the most powerful engine Lamborghini has ever produced. They boosted the 750 horsepower engine in the Aventador SV up to 770 horsepower making it the most powerful engine ever fitted to a Lamborghini vehicle. Paired with the raised red line and increased volumetric efficiency, this Centenario is going to be the superman of Lamborghini’s. Every body panel on the car is also made fully of carbon fiber to reduce weight, and therefore the car only weighs 3,351 lbs. Another important part of the car Lamborghini speaks about, is the chassis.

Amazing Ride Lamborghini Centenario Car

They developed a new rear wheel steering system that makes the car more agile, much more responsive, and more stable at high speeds (like 220mph..). If you’ve ever driven an Aventador you’ll know that it is a power house of a car, but lacks a little bit in the corners. I believe that with this new chassis that Lamborghini has put in the Centenario, it will greatly improve how the car handles and will be very nimble in the corners compared to the Aventador. Lamborghini stated that it specifically makes the car more nimble, so we look forward to seeing how it handles in the corners! Lamborghini had every part of the car mastered and completely re designed, even the aerodynamics. They made the wheels specifically blade shaped to help cool down the brakes on the car.

Amazing Ride Car 2017 lamborghini centenario

They claim it has over twice as much aerodynamic efficiency compared to the Aventador, which is simply amazing. Inside the Centenario, Lamborghini installed a big vertical touch screen in the center console for the first time. The car is completely connected so you can surf the web, listen to web radio, or download content you want, and even upload media files from a USB. You can also access the data recording during track runs, and get anything from what gear the car was in at a specific time to the angle of the front wheels. If you’re not sold on this amazing machine yet then you should go back to buying Porsche’s and Ferrari’s, which by the way we also sell. Sadly, only 15 units are coming into North America, out of the 40 being produced. That means only the top tier Lamborghini enthusiasts will be getting there hands on the Centenario, and all we can say is, lucky them! For building a car that pays homage to Ferruccio Lamborghini, I believe they definitely succeeded

Ferruccio Lamborghini

By: Tyler Bombenon

by TJ